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Those moments, curious pups.

Please note that the blog post you are about to read was written by a dyslexic dog mama with ADHD. Here’s what’s going on inside my brain…


The magic age! The age that your pup isn't a pup anymore. Their size is a misnomer, just because they look big doesn't mean they are an adult yet.


Rugrat, aka Willow, is 17 months old and she has moments of mistisfh.

Oh that look, the look no momma I'm not up to anything. I'm sure you have seen it in your pooches. While I was trying to do some Christmas baking this is what Willow was up to. She emptied her toy bin, stood in it and then it became the toy.

Some breeds are laid back and a breeze to go through puppyhood. With some larger breeds and a puppy mind and being bigger equals more things to explore.

What is key? Constancy, remind yourself why you thought getting another pup was a good idea. Lol No really! Let's chat about these moments as they are real, frustrating and consistently saying no, don't do that and get down.


I find praze works best. When you see them being good or even quiet and calm. Let them know that they are being good. When it comes down to it our dogs/pups just want our attention. They love seeing us happy. Let's lets set them up to do that. If they are always after something, take a moment and think. Does it need to be there? Why is your dog attracted to it? Maybe, for the short term finding a different spot for an item or thing that your pooch just can't leave alone will be better for now. If your pooch has a great noise and likes to "see" what's up high, keep those areas clear of stuff. Also, I know Willows tells to when she is going to try and do something I'm not approving of. So I turn her focus to something else. And yes, some days it's a never-ending chore. I tell myself she's still learning.

Thankfully, in my studio, I had a wooden wine crate. It's perfect for a toy box. Sometimes we just need to think outside of the box.

If you find you are in over your head or just pooped. Check with your veterinarian about puppy/dog trainners. You dont need to do this alone. The main key in training is taraining you to understand what your pups actions mean and what they need lol

Set your experiance up to positive moments.

Have fun,


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