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Stop! Wait for 10 degrees before cleaning your yard.

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Please note that the blog post you are about to read was written by a dyslexic dog mama with ADHD. Here’s what’s going on inside my brain…


Spring is in the air and we want to be outside after a long winter of cold temps and lockdowns. Not to mention the mess of mud and dog waste. Back in February we signed up to become a Butterflyway Ranger through The David Suzuki Foundation. Paula has been learning on how important it is to provide safe environment for pollinators. Did you know that many pollinators spend their hibernation in the twigs and fallen leaves? Temperatures that stay above 10 degrees for a week, are seen as safe to tidy your yard and gardens. Granted in Canada we are know to get drastic changes in temperatures.

There are resources online to native plants for your area. At Ontario invasive plants has a downloadable guide for Southern Ontario.

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