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Plastic free Week

Please note that the blog post you are about to read was written by a dyslexic dog mama with ADHD. Here’s what’s going on inside my brain…

Life is a journey and hopefully, we are learning on the way. This week has been a plastic-free week. My inbox has been graced with many emails on how to reduce the use.

It has taken a week to figure out what information I could share. Telling someone to change everything in their home and life habits is never going to work. I know it doesn’t for me lol.

Last Sunday was Willow's first experience with their toys being hung out on the line. It was funny and not, as she did her best to “help” me hang the toys.



Remove old toys before washing. Replace with non-plastic or natural fibre toys. Yes, it’s a task that I am working on. I too fail when I’m going past the pet section. Cute toys would catch my eye. At Christmas, I chose to buy better toys.

When looking for repayment toys, try to find ones that are muted colours. As bright colours may have a high lead count. Red is a definite colour to stay away from. In our house I stay away from any “fake” bones, I mean the ones that have nylon and or plastic in them. It just never made sense to have a dog chewing and swallowing those particles.

Glass bowls! Who would have thought? And yes, WIllow loves picking up the food dishes and ripping around the course with them. Piper loves sticking her nose in the water and blowing bubbles.



Switch out their plastic bowls for glass. I had a vintage glass bowl in the cupboard and it has become their water bowl. I keep one medium-size mixing bowl and refill it numerous times throughout the day. Piper and Willow don’t mind, no arguments so far. I purchased new Correl glass bowls for their food. You could also use small vintage glass mixing bowls.

Also when travelling, switch out the plastic refillable bottles for SS or glass. When travelling I have a collapsable silicone bowl with a lid for Piper and Willow.

Two suggestions for switching out plastic for your animals. Good start I think. My goal is to offer simple ways to help in reducing and rethinking what is used in our households. No judgment from us as it's a learning process like I said at the beginning of the post.

Have an amazing day.

~ Paula

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