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National Indigenous Peoples Day

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Please note that the blog post you are about to read was written by a dyslexic dog mama with ADHD. Here’s what’s going on inside my brain…

On this day First Nations, Inuit, and Métis celebrate their unique histories, cultures, traditions, and languages.

Gotta love a business that jumps on moments like said statements above. That's why I stay quiet as I don't want to just “say” something.


Today, I would like to introduce you to my Grandmother.

Luella Yearwood nee Lachapelle

Born out west first-generation Métis. Her father helped with starting Métis rights, her family left a mark. She never spoke about being Métis or her family due to a falling out.

Uncle Lawrence, Grandma, Mom(Sylvia) and uncle Stafford

My grandmother was the one who taught me many things. In a time when it was a male-dominated industry she studied and became a tailor. At the age of nine grandmas started to teach me. When I was eleven I stayed with my grandparents for a month or so as my parents had bought a house in the same town. Mom wanted me to start in the new school and not have to transfer mid-way through.

During that time grandma was able to show me a lot. Her key thing was being able to reproduce the same stitches in off-the-rack clothing. As she had a large clientele who relied on her talents to alter clothes. She had amazing talent, people would never know she had worked on a piece.


And learning wasn't just with a needle and thread/sewing machine. I would watch her in the kitchen too. On holidays and some weekends, she would make homemade bread. Each grandchild would have their own ceramic bowl that she used to bake our bread. Mine was a yellow and white striped.

On Christmas eve Granma would make a tourtiere pie for all of us after midnight mass. And yes, back then mass was at midnight lol.

Grandma’s tourtiere pie recipe that hangs in my kitchen


Grandma's house had a wrap-around porch that every spring the house plants would be moved out to. Before they could be moved she would have me repaint the tables and stands. Or clean them if that's what was needed.

She would say soap and paint are cheap. So look after things, repair them if needed( grandpa would do that lol)

I didn't get a lot of time to get to know her as she passed away when I was fifteen years old.

She was known as a kind and giving woman in her community.


Wise words from Grandma

Women should have their own pen money for a rainy day.

Stand tall.

Look after your surroundings.

Don't judge.

Keep in touch with your higher power.

Be kind.


Above is just a quick note about what she brought into my life. . She never judges anyone if you were hungry she feeds you. Needed clothes she would clothe you. If you need a roof over your head for a night she did that too.

And I hope you can see her strength, and compassion and spread that message to others

On that note, love ya, Grandma.

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