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Mother’s Day - That day

Please note that the blog post you are about to read was written by a dyslexic dog mama with ADHD. Here’s what’s going on inside my brain…


Sunday, May 8th, is a lovely sunny cool day. It started around 5:30 this morning as I couldn't see the clock as my eyes were closed. You know that thing when you lay completely still and don't open your eyes in the hope they settled down and don't get up. Well once again that didn't work. So I slip my walking cast on ahead downstairs. If you could hear the morning routine sounds from the trio. You would think the world is ending and they haven't eaten in forever.

Yes, I am a proud dog mama of three. Mackay, Piper and Willow. Did I imagine my life would be being a proud setter mama, nope? In another lifetime I was called mom. It was a short period of time. I meet this wonderful little boy who was to be my son. And in a blink of an eye, that journey was gone! I tear up to all the hopes and dreams I had. That chapter of my life closed, the one that included having children. The experience broke my faith in humans. I turned my focus to my dogs Morgain and Shannon. When I bought my first house Morgain and Nicki(cat) was right there with me. The first mothers day in my house my mom bought me a Mother's Day gift from M&N saying I was their mom. Twenty years later and I still have that metal birdbath.


Let's break down some of what it is to be a mama to dogs. When you first bring them home you have fears can I do this? You didn't realize how quickly your routine changes. Sleep? Who needs that, Getting up every few hours to let them out. Note, pick up the puppy and run to the door. The simple act of walking can cause an accident in the house. Bolting up and darting to the pup as you realized you didn't think they could get into something. Baby gates are important to a sane life. Constantly saying the rules of the house. Breaking up fights and disagreements. (Piper was just eating Willow's snack.)

Setting boundaries, routines and schedules. Planning outings and veterinarian appointments. Picking up toys As you may have noticed this list sounds like it could be for a human baby/child. And of course its not complete as I could write forever lol


What is key? Remember that being a mother is not the same for everyone. And that's okay! Let’s not assume every woman is a mother or wants to be. What can one human do for another on this day?

Give space. For a conversation. To listen to their journey, without judgment or comment. Ask what can I do? You may be surprised how you can help. And if you don't know what to do or say, say and do nothing.


Being a pet mama is rewarding in many ways ad don't let anyone tell you differently. Hugs and love from this dog mama to you. ~Paula

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