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Let’s talk dog collars.

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Please note that the blog post you are about to read was written by a dyslexic dog mama with ADHD. Here’s what’s going on inside my brain…

Finally Spring is here. Time to freshen up and bring on the fun patterns and bright colours. First lets do a collar health check.

What is a collar health check and why does it matter? Great question! It‘s a way to know if you need to replace the style and size of collar you are using on your furry loved one. Here are questions to review when you examine your dogs collar.

Age of collar?

How long has your dog worn that collar?

First collar, never been replaced? Sorry, to say Fido’s fav collar may need to be replaced. As with close inspection may find the materials used to make it have began to deteriorate. Causing fibres to not be a strong as it once was. Also those fibres may be ingested through collar play with another dog.

Let’s be safe and replace.

Does the hardware still function? Does your dogs collar have a break-away buckle? Is it still working the way it did when you first brought it home?

Is it a gentle lead collar, do the slides still work? Key thing with slides, material used should not easily move. I like to say set it and forget it. Meaning, your not having to constantly move the slide back into place. If slides fail it could lead to harm to you or your dog.

Also are the slide metal or plastic? Plactic does break down after time and small nicks can result in hardware fail. Metal is great, take a peek is it pitted or rusty? Either can lead to flaking if its plated with may be ingested

The function is key, if it is not working properly don’t risk it,

Let’s be safe and replace.

How is the fit of the collar?

Where does the collar sit on your dogs neck?

Placement of a resting collar is a great way to know if you have the right length of collar. Is the collar sitting high or low onto the dogs chest? If its low, great! That is a good sign you have the right size. As long as its not on the last hole or fully extended. Why does this this matter? It is possible for the collar to fail when put under pressure. Is the collar sitting high on your dogs neck? That is a sure sign you need to go up a size for maxium comfort and safety.

Let’s be safe and replace. Now for a key topic that not many are talking about. The Thyroid!

Yes, dogs have the one and it is in the same location as it is in a human. Interesting, the collar your dog wears could cause damage to the thyroid.

Two actions for thought.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, when we put that leash on we all know something that triggers our furry loved ones. They start to pull and game is over they have lost any training they have had for leash handling. Or someone knocks on the door so we grab ahold of their collar to keep them from running out the door. These actions can harm the thyroid and the saliva glads.

Just like humans the thyroid is a complex organ, we are sharing this to get the conversation started with your veterinarian. Our next topic will be how to size a collar for your dog.

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