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What's in her bowl

Please note that the blog post you are about to read was written by a dyslexic dog mama with ADHD. Here’s what’s going on inside my brain…

Willow is my first dog with an issue of allergies. For the last while she has been itchy! Scratching and scratching at herself. To the point of me doing itchy checks(fleas). Nope, that wasn't the issue. When I dropped her off at her breeder's for a pupaday, as momma(I) had a conference to attend. I mentioned to Lee that she has been itchy. We chatted and then Lee kept an eye on her. Turns out Setters can have an issue with seasonal allergies.

Once Willow was back home, I made up a large batch of veggie meal toppers.

Willow had enjoyed the small batch I had made before she went to the breeders. I kept a close eye on what she was doing and eating. And if her itchiness affected her more or less. Outside didn't seem to be an issue. But I did notice she wasn't "liking" her packaged food. It was the same brand that her breeder used. With Mackay and Piper, I had them on a raw diet. I found it hard, as living in a vintage tiny home I just didn't have the freezer space and I didn't want to be out shopping every week for raw food.


So, I started the hunt for a new food option for her. Oh my! there are so many choices for pet food. Kibble, wet, freeze-dried, frozen, partially cooked fresh and raw. Not to mention how many different companies, well kind of there are a few large corporations that have many different brands under their name.

To narrow down my google search I decided to go with Canadian brands, gluten-free, traceable eco commitment. Bonus points to companies who offered online ordering and large bags.


After reviewing different companies I decided on Open Farm


Willows bowl contains Open Farm and dehydrated vegetables and fruit.

I started writing this post in December 2022, and since then Willow has been enjoying her Open Farm food. The issues she was having have stopped. It took some time for her system to settle down. I also gave her sauerkraut for probiotics. This was done for a couple of days. Yes, I give my dogs a wide range of healthy foods. In another post, I will go into more detail on the hows and whys of what to add to your dog's dish.

This post is to provide a look at how we do things with our dogs. We suggest before trying anything to do with your veterinarian about your pet's needs.



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